Bodyzone Cosmetics & Spa Team

Enjoy the holisitc and unique treatments of Bodyzone in the city center of Basel, since 1996. Our professional and qualified employees provide you with one of the best cosmetic, spa and massage experience in Basel... but find out for yourself. We are happy to welcome you!

Jytte-Kurmann, cosmetic-consultant-basel, wellness-consultant basel, ayurveda-basel

Jytte Kurmann


Managing Director of Bodyzone Cosmetics & Spa
Ayurveda, cosmetic and wellness consultant

Helga-Fuchs, medical-massage, ayurvedic-massage, masseuse basel, cosmetician-basel

Helga Fuchs


Spa Manager and  vocational trainer

Medical & ayurvedic massage therapist, nationally examined cosmetician (EFZ)

melanie Biedert, cosmetician-basel, professional-cosmetician basel

Melanie Biedert


Cosmetician EFZ

Alain Ebner, cosmetician-basel, professional-cosmetician basel

Alain Ebner


Cosmetician EFZ

Assistant Spa Manager

Beatrice Hofmann, cosmetician-basel, professional-cosmetician basel

Beatrice Hofmann


Cosmetician EFZ

Ramona-Graf, cosmetician-basel, professional-cosmetician basel

Ramona Graf


Cosmetician EFZ


 Vocational trainer Bodyzone

Agona Kryeziu, cosmetician-basel, professional-cosmetician basel

Agona Kryeziu


Cosmetician EFZ

alice bertschy, massage-basel, massage-therapist, massage, qualified-massage-therapist

Alice Bertschy


Qualified massage therapist

Agona Kryeziu, cosmetician-basel, professional-cosmetician basel

Leila Marcacci


Cosmetician EFZ

Luana Carbone, cosmetitian at beauty studio Bodyzone in Basel

Luana Carbone


Cosmetician with internationally recognised diploma & massage therapist.

Florence Goutte cosmetitian in training at cosmetics institute Bodyzone in Basel

Florence Goutte


Cosmetician EFZ in training.


30% Discount on her treatments.


Mylène Stöckli, cosmetitian in training at cosmetics institute Bodyzone in Basel

Mylène Stöckli


Cosmetician EFZ in training.


20% - 30% Discount on her treatments 

Nuria-Gaudard, Massage-Basel, Spa-Basel, Kosmetik-basel
Jacqueline Vidali - Certified Yoga Teacher

Jacqueline Vidali

Experienced and certified yoga teacher


Experience and background:

  • Advanced Yoga teacher (RYS 500 des internationalen Yogaverbands Yoga Alliance® from Living Buddha, Basel).
  • Power-Yoga Instructor (Power Yoga Switzerland).
  • Hormon-Yoga based on Dinah Rodrigues at Christine Tanner, Uster.
  • Intensifiying Pranayama Yoga (conciously practiced breathing exercises) with Devika Gurung, c/o Yoga Nature Cure and Alternative Medical in Pokhara, Nepal.
  • For 15 years practising Yoga and Ashtang Vinyassa (particullarly powerful and dynamic Yoga)

Bodyzone Massage, Cosmetic and Spa experience: health, beauty, relaxation and wellbeing go hand in hand. The human touch has a soothing effect on body and mind, thus massages – be it classic massages and ayurvedic massages – are an important component of the Bodyzone spa offer. Cosmetic, beauty and body treatments also for men! All of our cosmetic treatments are ideal for women and men. In addition, we offer you a specialized, modern and vitalizing skin care range, designed to meet the requirements of male or female skin and to suit the place of an active lifestyle. Be it waxing, eyelash extensions or a professional manicure; you will find what you're looking for in our wide range of exceptional cosmetic treatments.


Bodyzone Cosmetics & Spa is well known for its top services since 1996. Chose from the following treatments to find out more:


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